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  2. bush fashion


  3. Suburban garage



  5. Hasselblad Girl


  6. Been a while I haven’t posted anything here. I was just somewhere else.


  7. Just released an album shot in super low light at ISO 51200 with the Nikon D4 and Dorothy of SnobAffair for those of you eager to know what can be captured at such a crazy high ISO and an f/1.4 lens. Colors were really unexpected as I was really aiming at complete blackness so I managed to process a few decent files for you guys to see. :)



  8. Waiting

    PYKtures X SnobAffair 


  9. Which door


  10. merci Jean Leloup


  11. Did a shoot with a lady who has tiger blood http://bit.ly/PKwYfV


  12. Carpe Diem


  13. she’s got tiger blood


  14. Fairy house in the forest


  15. Guy eats a Hamburger